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What You Need to Know About Horse Racing Betting System

Horse racing certainly is one of the oldest sports but it is also true that it is one of the most popular betting games all over the world. However, a betting is not all about just placing your bet on a certain horse that you think will win because of its striking name, or because you think it is one of the biggest horses that are going to compete. Although some people place bets because of their instincts, there are those who use horse racing betting system before they make intelligent choices and feel like one has to be an expert in order to win.


Well, just like in any other games, horse racing betting is something you still have to know about before you really get into it. You have to at least learn about the factors that affect an effective horse racing betting system in order for you to increase your odds of winning.


One of the first things you have to consider before placing a bet on a certain horse is the distance the horse is going to run. Is it too short for the horse to be able to reach its full potential? Is it too long that there is a big possibility that the horse gets tired towards the end of the race? The ideal length of the racetrack must be between 5 furlongs and 3 miles.

Number of Contenders

This is another important factor that you need to consider for your horse racing betting system before choosing a horse to put your bet on. Of course, big tracks mean big number of runners with which you are left with so many choices that you’d have a hard time choosing the best horse for you.

Type of Surface or Ground

It is essential to know what type of ground surface the horse will be running on. Make sure that the “going” is in excellent condition. Check whether it is too soft or hard, or whether it is smooth or firm. The size of the horse’s hooves also matter in creating a good horse racing betting system. All these factors are crucial in the performance of the horse so make sure that they are in their best possible condition.

The Last Race of the Horse

Before you decide which horse to choose, you also need to know when the last race of the horse was. This is essential because through this, you will be able to determine whether the horse is in its peak condition or if it has been idle for quite some time. It is most ideal to bet on horses that have been racing in the last 28 days.

Check the Horse’s Form

The horse’s form could indicate either the letters C or D, which is about the most recent races a certain horse has won and it also describes what the award was. The C shows that the horse has recently won over a certain track. The D mark, on the other hand, denotes that the horse has won over the running distance the horses have been into. So make sure to check on this for your horse racing betting system.


There is nothing wrong with choosing one of the top favorites during the season. In fact, some experts even believe that these crown favorites are more likely to win. You can always check on the favorites’ records on previous races, especially if they have 3/1 or even less in the betting as this is a good indicator of an excellent choice.

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